Never Say Goodbye

Hi Readers,
I am Zhuoxuan (Ariel) Li. Thank you for keeping my blogs for three months. Interning at North Head is one of the most fantastic experiences I ever had in summer. I While I am looking back and thinking of my time, it was my great pleasure to be here. Not only did I learn about healthcare industries among other professional knowledge here, but I have met a lot of awesome friends and mentors as well.

This is the company picture we have. All interns are on the forefront.

I found out about what the Chinese administration is doing and is the relationship to local government, especially in the healthcare sector. Beyond that, I have a clear view of the ongoing Chinese health reform and the implications it has for China as well as the rest of the world.

Our company went out for lunch. This is how we corporate as a team to have hot pot.


I was so fortunate to work with an excellent team and fight together at work. My teammates all graduated from prestigious universities, and they always inspired me with their knowledge and passion. I learned so much about skills or perspectives that I did not have from each member of the company. By the way, two interns I met here are going to study at London School of Economics (LSE) for master degree. I will keep the friendships in London.

“Do not be embarrassed to ask questions” and “learning by doing” are two most important takeaways I got from this experience. Thank North Head for providing free lessons. I will continue to improve myself, and I am looking for a better self in the future.

Thanks to all at North Head!