Student Employment Appreciation Week

Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) would like to acknowledge and celebrate the work our Watershed Coordinators have done this year to support the organization and our community volunteers for student employment appreciation week. Over the 2019-2020 academic year, our Watershed Coordinators have…

Beyond the numbers, the Watershed Coordinators continually show up and cultivate an amazing working atmosphere. Since the transition to online classes, ALLARM students (including three who returned to the US from their study abroad sites) have been participating in virtual events and meetings. Your dedication to this organization is both appreciated and inspiring.

Watershed Coordinators, we celebrate you! Thank you for your bright ideas, funny jokes, and keeping us full-time staff on our toes! Thank you for being our family.

Here are some photos of our Watershed Coordinators over the 2019-2020 academic year. Enjoy!

Fall 2019 ALLARM team at the Chesapeake Watershed Forum in Shepherdstown, WV.

Rachel Krewson ’20 laughing with York Stream Team volunteers while learning how to test for nitrate-nitrogen levels of their water samples.

Phoebe Galione ’21 (left) and Meredith Jones ’20 (right) prior to assisting Professor Tynan with a First-Year Seminar class.

Phoebe Galione ’21 making more alconox soap solution for ALLARM’s lab cleaning procedures.

Abby Kaija checking on the acid bath in the lab.

Abby Kaija, Meredith Jones ’20, and Kat Altamirano ’20 participating in a macroinvertebrate kick.

ALLARM Spring 2020 crew!

Isabel Ruff ’21 testing a water sample for its Nitrate-Nitrogen levels.

Grace Messimer ’23 and Hiba Aoid ’21 monitoring the Dissolved Oxygen levels of the LeTort Spring Run with Assistant Director Suzanne Hartley

Karan Shakya ’20 and Kat Altamirano ’20 help create sampling poles for Stream Team Volunteers!

Watershed Coordinator Angelo Tarzona ’21 going through the Stream Team Chemical Monitoring Manual with volunteers from York County, PA.

Rachel Krewson ’20 teaching Stream Team Volunteers how to safely and efficiently collect a sample from a stream.

Shante Toledo ’21 helping York Stream Team Volunteers upload their data to the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative Database.

watershed coordinators in the stream with a macroinvertebrate kick net

Abby Kaija ’20 and Matthew Zaremba ’20 demonstrating how to collect macroinvertebrates in-stream

Hiba Aoid ’21 identifying macroinvertebrates with Girl Scouts at Craighead House.

Karan Shakya ’20 introducing the importance of stream health to community members at Craighead House.

ALLARM virtual staff meeting during Quarantine 2020.