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Welcome to the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring’s (ALLARM) blog! The ALLARM team has a number of fun adventures working with communities and volunteers interested in assessing the health of their streams. The goal of our blog is to share our experiences and bring you on our journey. We hope you learn more about community-based science and the amazing work taking place in Pennsylvania and New York. If you would like to learn more about ALLARM, go to dickinson.edu/allarm and follow us on social media @ALLARMwater!

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Volunteer Monitoring

A Unique Experience with the Collaborative Learning School

One June 5th, ALLARM hosted an event for the Collaborative Learning School (CLS) at Stuart Park. Participants took part in a series of educational experiences, many of which occurred at the Dickinson College Farm, the theme of which was to discuss sustainable food systems in…

Diving in to Data Orientation

On Thursday, April 4th, Michelle Hom ('24) and I virtually attended the Stream Team Data Orientation meeting that was hosted by ALLARM and facilitated by Jules Vastine, Phoebe Galione, Isabel Ruff, and fellow watershed coordinator Emma Spinelli ('25). This virtual event aimed to give volunteers…

A Full Circle Moment – Visiting ENST 162

On Tuesday, March 19th, we (Max Carfrey '26 and Emma Spinelli '25) had the privilege of visiting Professor Benka-Coker’s Environmental Studies 162 class along with ALLARM director, Jules Vastine. The purpose of this class visit was to introduce ALLARM, discuss the Clean Water Act, and…