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As will be the case with all good Revolutionary Challenge projects, fully exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with developing Phase I of Dickinson+The Alumni House @ Dickinson — will necessarily be a deeply collaborative effort.  Those who have contributed to the development of this initiative to date (some of whom will continue on in a consulting role for Round II of the Revolutionary Challenge) are listed below.

Historical BothIn addition to collaborating with those above, we have also begun working with the Cumberland County Historical Society and the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office regarding listing the Historic President’s House on the National Register of Historic Places. (The only building with this status on campus currently is Old West.) The benefits of National Register listing include:

  • Recognition that a property is significant to the nation, the state, and the local community;
  • Eligibility for federal tax incentives (worth approximately $800,000 in the case of this Historic President’s House);
  • State and federal preservation grants, when available, for planning and rehabilitation of buildings owned by not‐for‐ profit organizations and local governments;
  • Consideration for support in the planning for related state and federal projects or projects that are assisted by state or federal agencies.

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