Majic & Nyala

The Boback family currently has a 7 year old Beagle mix named Majic. Majic is a  rescue mixed with multiple unknown breeds. He is bigger than the normal sized Beagle but shares many common Beagle traits. He will eat just about anything he sees and loves to hunt. He is good with most strangers and is only aggressive when there is food involved.

The Boback’s also have a 7 month old rescue names Nyala. Nyala is also a mix of many breeds including: chow chow, shepherd, boxer, and mastiff. She is very friendly and loves to go for runs and play. Nyala was a little easier to train than Majic this may have something to do with her genetic background. Both dogs get along well with one another and have adapted to living together.

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  1. Cute dogs and interesting background. Majic seems like a fun dog to have.

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