Sadie, a 7-month old Cavapoo puppy, was brought into the Lee family amid a pandemic. Typical Cavapoo behavior is characterized as “loving, friendly, intelligent and playful,” and Sadie fits that exact description. Mom Elizabeth Lee says that Sadie is extremely lively and loves to play and chase balls. Sadie is a big chewer; she chews on toys, shoes, any food that falls onto the ground, and she even chews on the molding on the walls! Sadie loves people and dogs equally, and her small size does not get in her way of playing with bigger dogs.

Professor Lee’s husband calls Sadie “the party dog,” as she is always down to tag along with her husband when he goes over to friends’ houses for a socially-distant driveway gathering. The Lee family also has a cat, and Sadie loves to jump all over him. However, for their cat, the feeling is not mutual. Even at a young age, Sadie reads gender and age very well, showing her intelligence. Professor Lee says that Sadie is most obedient to her husband, but around their 10-year-old daughter, Sadie might be seen messing around.

The Lee’s only know one other Cavapoo, and he has a completely different personality than Sadie. He is lowkey, quiet, and likes to keep to himself. This Cavapoo does not exactly fit the “norms” of Cavapoo behavior, but age can have a factor in a dog’s temperament.

Although Sadie is a puppy, her temperament is extremely impressive, and it is evident that she is loved so much by her family!!!

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