Drunker than the martini olive (Catullus 27)


Roman women hung right in there with the men when it came to drinking parties, says Avery Carpenter, in his discussion of Catullus’ festive drinking song. Catullus 27, read, translated, and discussed by Avery Carpenter.

Minister vetuli puer Falerni,
inger mi calices amariores,
ut lex Postumiae iubet magistrae
ebrioso acino ebriosioris.
at vos quo libet hinc abite, lymphae, 5
vini pernicies, et ad severos
migrate: hic merus est Thyonianus.


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  1. latin-poetry-podcast Said,

    May 17, 2012 @ 1:59 pm

    Nice job, Avery! Loved your translation so much I had to put some of in the title.

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