Faculty Sandwich Success

ESmithBy Emily Smith, Lead Supervisor, Retail Operations

Over the summer of 2015, Dining Services was looking for a way to incorporate different flavors and food experiences into the menus within retail units. In this pursuit, we decided to add the Faculty Sandwich Series to the Quarry menu beginning fall 2015. Faculty members get invited to create their favorite sandwich which then gets featured for a two week time span. With the hard work of the culinary staff and retail employees, the series has been a tremendous success.

The anticipation of which faculty member is next and what their sandwich creation is has increasingly built with each sandwich that has been featured. We have enjoyed faculty favorites from a small deli in the Midwest, Amy Farrell’s Smoked Cheddar and Avocado on Sourdough, to family recipes from halfway around the world, Suman Ambwani’s Jhatpat Chicken Wrap. One of the featured sandwiches was so popular that the executive chef has been contemplating incorporating it into the Dining Hall menu for fall 2016.

Not only does the Faculty Sandwich Series bring some excitement to the monotony of the regular menu for the students but it allows us a glimpse at the faculty members who are selected to be featured. Not only have we received an overwhelmingly positive response from the faculty members willing to participate but they have shared that excitement with their students as well. One faculty member even offered extra credit to their students who ordered their sandwich when it was featured, took a picture with it, and then showed it to him. Not only is this Faculty Sandwich Series building relationships within classrooms but also within the campus community. We hope to continue this series in the fall semester!

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