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Sandler, R. L. (2014). Food Ethics: the basics “Food and Culture”. Routledge.

Dickinson Archives primary sources.

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Over the course of my four years at Dickinson and as an academic with a food studies focus; I find that food has become commonplace in most settings and fields. The focus of food plays a pivotal role in our lives, more than we often give credit to. In this project, I want to bridge the gap between Dickinson Students, Faculty and community members who have access to the library and the immense amount of information that is available. This project will look at the intersection of food and culture. Specifically, I want to look at Dickinson Archives and find parallels between food, culture and archival records. For instance, Dickinson College did not always have a farm, what led to this addition? Dickinson did not always have farm to table events, how did this contribute to the community? I am also interested in looking at the different food related organizations and institutions that led to the modernity of food as it exists here in the Dickinson community and communities in proximity to Dickinson, specifically Project SHARE and the weekly Farmers Market. This project is relevant in the community on the premise that food is too often overlooked in discourse surrounding culture, history and institutions as they exist in the modern world. Through a carefully curated exhibition, I hope to illuminate areas where people might not be aware of food studies and how it has played a formative role in society overall. This project will also offer me the opportunity to utilize a department/facility I have not gotten to experience yet and will provide me with a new skillset in curating exhibitions and learning more about contextualized events and experiences throughout chronology. For the final ‘unessay’ project, a finished product will reflect my use of the Dickinson Archives, academic literature, and a curated exhibition in the library that expresses the major takeaways from my findings. As I meet with Malinda Triller-Doran, the Special Collections Librarian, my project focus will developed into a more focused topic and prominent themes.