Karl Qualls

Qualls_5085For more information, please see my abbreviated CV, my on-again-off-again blog on teaching in the tool bar, and my course blogs for students. I have also recently filmed a series of video lecture. Feel free to visit the Time Capsules channel on YouTube.                                                                   From Ruins to Reconstruction

“Scholars finally have begun telling the story of rebuilding bombed cities in the former Soviet Union, and with this solidly researched, well-written book, Karl D. Qualls is leading the way. Sensitive to the nuances of both Soviet and local politics and the distinctive cultural features of Sevastopol, Qualls argues that rebuilding Sevastopol was a classic center-periphery contest, with local initiatives on both urban planning and architectural style prevailing over policies coming from Moscow. The result was more a recreation of the nineteenth-century city than a creation of a city along Stalinist lines.”

Jeffry Diefendorf, Pamela Shulman Professor of European and Holocaust Studies and Professor of History, University of New Hampshire, author of In the Wake of War