LIASE Courses 2013-2016 (in alphabetical order)

Analysis and Management of the Aquatic Environment (Prof. Kristin Strock)

Archaeology and World Prehistory (Prof. Maria Bruno)

Asian Urban Ecology (Prof. David Strand)

Buddhism and the Environment (Prof. Dan Cozort)

Chinese Approaches to Environment-Traditional to Contemporary (Prof. Rae Yang)

Climate Change and Human Security in Nepal (Profs. Michael Beevers, Neil Leary, and Michael Fratantuono)

Climate Change, Rivers and Chinese Society  (Profs. Ann Hill & Kelin Zhuang)

Energy & Environmental Physics (Hans Pfister)

Energy Resources (Prof. Marcus Key)

Environmental Archeology (Prof. Maria Bruno)

Environmental Degradation of the Yellow River, China (Prof. Kelin Zhuang)

First-Year Seminar: Culture and Environment in Upland Asia (Prof. Ann Hill)

First-Year Seminar: Local Production and Consumption (Prof. Marcus Key)

First-Year Seminar:  Mountain People, Traditional Knowledge, and the Environment in SW China (Prof. Ann Hill)

First-Year Seminar: Tropical Asia (Prof. David Strand)

Global Climate Change (Prof. Jeff Niemitz)

Independent Study: Pottery Production and the Environment (Prof. Barb Diduck)

Looking Across the Pacific: Japanese and American Environmental History (Prof. Emily Pawley)

Nature and the Environment in Japanese Literature and Film (Prof. Alex Bates)

Paleoclimatology of East Asia (Prof. Kelin Zhuang)

Philosophy and the Environment (Prof. Feldman, Susan)

Plant Physiology w/Lab (Prof. Tom Arnold)

Summer Program: Meltdowns and Waves: Responding to Disasters in the US and Japan (Profs. Alex Bates & Marcus Key)

Summer Program: Seismic Japan: The Science and Culture of Earthquakes  (Profs. Alex Bates & Pete Sak)

The Physics of Global Climate Change and Renewable (Prof. Hans Pfister)

The Politics of Environmental Protection in Asia (Prof. Neil Diamant)

The Politics of Parks (Prof. David Strand)

The Rise of Modern China (Prof. David Strand)

Topics in Modern Chinese Reading (Prof. Rae Yang)

Great Japanese Earthquake and the Aftermath (Prof. Akiko Meguro)

Intermediate Chinese (Prof. Rae Yang)

History of Japanese Architecture (Prof. Wei Ren)

Tales of Two Cities: Beijing and Shanghai in Literature and Film (Prof. Nan Ma)

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