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The Early bird…

(Early, Jubal A. “The Proceedings of the Southern Historical Convention: Address to the Southern Historical Convention.” The Southern Historical Society. August 14, 1873. 24)   Jubal A. Early was on… Read more »

Contradicting Himself

(Davis, Jefferson. The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government. Vol. 1. 2 vols. Gloucester, England: Dodo Press, 2008. 78)   As the reader has seen earlier, the Confederacy was an… Read more »

The Counter-Argument

(Frederick Douglass, “Speech delivered in Madison Square, New York, Decoration Day.” 1877. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division)   Abolitionists and some Northerners were quick to denounce the new stance of… Read more »

(Fleming, Walter L. “Jefferson Davis, The Negroes and the Negro Problem.” The Sewanee Review, Vol. 16, No. 4 (Oct., 1908), pp. 407-427)   Despite the counter arguments being made, the myth… Read more »


The United States of America has an unfortunate trend of fighting for democracy and freedom abroad without giving those same rights to its own people. When America becomes militarily involved,… Read more »


Primary Sources Pernard, Victor. President Wilson Delivering Historic War Message. New York: New York Times Co., 1919. From Library of Congress. (Accessed May 5, 2019). Wilson, Woodrow and the 64th… Read more »


This project will examine the relationship between the United States and the State of Israel. The exhibition will specify on how the United States responded to calls for the founding… Read more »


Primary Sources: Eisenhower, Pres. Dwight D. Speech, White House, Washington D.C. February 20, 1957. Goodstein, Laurie. “Falwell To Mobilize Support for Israel.” The New York Times (New York, New York),… Read more »


Introduction: Bryant, Joyce. February 2009. “How War Changed the Role of Women in the United States.”Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. Bumiller, Elisabeth. July 22, 2011. “Obama Ends ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’… Read more »