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American Exceptionalism Shown Through War   The United States of America is in many ways an experiment. It is in no way an old country — England and France were… Read more »

Blood and Guts

General George S. Patton is one of the most famous American generals in history. It can be argued that he was one of the proudest Americans to ever live. This… Read more »


Primary Sources: “Patton’s “Blood and Guts” Speech.” History. June 07, 2018. Accessed November 20, 2018.   Roosevelt, Franklin D. “Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States: From… Read more »


Primary Sources Pollock, William. “Eadle Keahtah Toh.” Carlisle Barracks (Carlisle), April 1880, Volume 1 ed., Number 2 sec. p. 1 Roosevelt, Theodore. “On American Motherhood.” Speech, Washington D.C.  March 13,… Read more »

Manifest Destiny

Introduction The 19th century was the most ambitious period in American history as westward expansion took place. Although America triumphed past adversities; slavery, wars and economic depression, Manifest Destiny was… Read more »


Primary Sources: “America Becomes Less Equal.” New Republic 192 (February 18, 1985): 7–8. A New Economy. Directed by Julia Dyer. Produced by Julia Dyer. Dallas County Community College District, 2005. “An Unchanging… Read more »

Ellis Island

European migration was a prominent part of the eighteenth and nineteenth century in the United States. European settlers migrated to the US for greater economic opportunities. The great hall of… Read more »