Ellis Island

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European migration was a prominent part of the eighteenth and nineteenth century in the United States. European settlers migrated to the US for greater economic opportunities. The great hall of Ellis Island is a very recognizable hall due to the number of immigrants that went through it. Most of our ancestor went through that hall and the image depicts the condition that these people were in when coming through Ellis Island. Between 1901 and 1914, thirteen million European immigrants came to the US. Cities such as New York and Detroit, where fifty percent of their residents were immigrants, had to establish Americanization programs as well as forcing people of the same ethnicity into the same neighborhoods. African Americans who migrated to New York went through a cultural uproar by creating art, music, and dance. This image shows the conditions and the hardships that immigrants had to endure once arrive in Ellis Island. Families are cramped into very little quarters and they are numbered like livestock. Life didn’t automatically become easier once an immigrant set foot on US soil. Some worked hard and eventually succeeded but most of the immigrants still could not get their family out of poverty generations after they’ve migrated to the US.