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European migration and African American migration are both parts of New York City’s history. Throughout U.S. history, people who migrated to this country are in search of the American dream. The… Read more »

Ellis Island

European migration was a prominent part of the eighteenth and nineteenth century in the United States. European settlers migrated to the US for greater economic opportunities. The great hall of… Read more »

The Great Black Migration

African Americans migrated from the southern states to northern and western states in large numbers between 1910 and 1918. They were escaping social, economic and political systems in the southern… Read more »

Child’s Play

Labor was heavily exploited in the early twentieth century. Women were slowly getting introduced to the workforce with roughly twenty thousand women in 1910. They were paid three to four… Read more »

Children were greatly impacted by the living conditions of immigrants in New York. Families w had no option but to live together in these unhygienic slums and tenements. One out… Read more »

In Harlem Manhattan, black children were set up for failure. Harlem had minimal infrastructures for children to be children. They were exposed to the realities of life at a very early… Read more »

The overcrowded northern and western cities were ill prepared for the surplus of immigrants they received throughout the twentieth century. The popular low paying jobs kept most of the adults… Read more »

Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance jumpstarted a cultural and social revolution in New York City. The Harlem Renaissance is a result of the great migration of African Americans from southern states in… Read more »

The Harlem Renaissance was a big leap forward for African Americans in American society. The movement allowed them to express their frustration with America through art, music, and dance. W.E.B… Read more »

Adult Hardships

As part of the new deal, President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration sponsored and helped to establish the Home Owners Loan Corporation.  HOLC was created to protect white homeowners and push back… Read more »

Immigrants found it difficult to find housing in these overcrowded cities. The US already had systematic racisms engraved in the housing system. Restrictive covenants were one of the many ways… Read more »

The Tenement House Committee, founded in1898, was established to advocate to the Government on behalf of the poor citizens living in New York. The THC would eventually lead to the… Read more »

Tuberculosis was one of the wide-spreading diseases in New York City in the early nineteen hundreds. The Charity Organization Society, founded in 1882, was working to secure more favorable living… Read more » Americanization programs were created for new immigrants so they could get accommodated with American society and life. Immigrants of the same ethnic group relied on one another for support… Read more »

The Home Owners Loan corporation branch of New York gave Harlem in the city a red ratting. By the mid-twentieth century, Harlem had become an African American ghetto. There many… Read more »


Primary Sources The Pens at Ellis Island. 1913. The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints, and Photographs: Photography Collection, New York Public Library, New York. In New York Public… Read more »