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The Tenement House Committee, founded in1898, was established to advocate to the Government on behalf of the poor citizens living in New York. The THC would eventually lead to the creation of the New York State Commission that oversaw the passage of the New York Tenement House Act of 1901. This act was one of the firsts to ban the construction of dark, poorly ventilated tenements. Although these housing complexes were not exceeding the standard of living, however, these tenements were economically logical for low-income immigrant families living in New York. The Tenement House Committee created a map in 1895 depicting the race ghettos throughout. The map displays the geographical concentration of various ethnic groups throughout Manhattan.  During the 1890s, Europeans immigrants dominated New York City. The lower East side of New York City had numerous numbers of tenements. The lower east side part of Manhattan showed the greatest density of people per acre, about 900 to 1000 living on one acre of land.