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Immigrants found it difficult to find housing in these overcrowded cities. The US already had systematic racisms engraved in the housing system. Restrictive covenants were one of the many ways the US was undermining people’s humanity in the twentieth century. Landowners and homeowners could impose restrictions to prohibit people from specific ethnic or religious groups from purchasing or renting their homes.  Immigrants were left to live in these overcrowded slums and tenements. These building could hold one or more migrant families. These buildings had no plumbing or heating which made the living condition in these tenements extremely dangerous. Lodgers in a crowed Bayar Street tenement by Jacob Riis, depicts nightlife in the slums. There are six people living in a space as big as a one-person bathroom. The filth that these people are living makes it very easy for diseases to spread throughout an immigrant community. Everyone in the room is getting ready for bed, but they are very dirty. They clearly have not gotten a chance to take a shower in a long time as they are wearing their dirty work clothes to bed. The room does not seem to have any source of plumbing nor electricity. What is more captivating about the image, is the fact that there is a child amongst them. None of the older men are being examples for that boy due to their own hardships as the kid’s provider.