Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance jumpstarted a cultural and social revolution in New York City. The Harlem Renaissance is a result of the great migration of African Americans from southern states in the early twentieth century. The African Americans who left Jim Crow South moved north only to submerge themselves in the white mental blocks that prevented them from seeing black people in moral terms. Author Cordy Vivian emphasized in his book, Black Power and the American Myth, the pressing need for black people to recreate their image as most “blacks saw themselves largely through the crippled eyes of whites”. Black people desperately needed to accept themselves as men and women before they could change the minds and hearts of their white counterparts, hence the creation of the New Negro. Harlem in the early nineteen hundred was home for the New Negro. This map shows the different attractions of Harlem as they were famous for their jazz music and dance with racially integrated clubs. Theaters and nightclubs in every street corner, Harlem became a sanctuary for the hardworking African American as they could escape the nuisances of immigrant life by dancing and singing every night on these Harlem blocks (Cordy Vivian, 7-15).