Korean War

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The photo above depicts US soldiers in Korea digging a defensive perimeter. The Korean war was a conflict between north and south Korea that was a product of the Cold War. The style of photography depicted above was representative of the style of much of the photography from the period of the Korean War. The photo shows soldiers actively working; a style developed from world war I style. The image contributes to the overarching shift seen from photos that rigidly depict soldiers to showing them actively working and is comparable to the image used to represent the media from World War II.

The video represented by the screen grab above shows a series of clips created by the US army. The clips include American soldiers battling the cold, evacuations of injured soldiers, and display of new military technology. The presentation of the US military as strong despite the tactical challenges was carefully crafted by the US army to bolster support. This video in comparison to the video from the Spanish-American war shows the vast improvement of video technology. This video is also similar to that of the poster seen in World War II which was an attempt to gain support for the efforts in the US. Overall, this video is representative of how the US military wanted the American public to view soldiers.