Meet Evgeniia Dudina – Visiting International Instructor

Evgeniia Dudina is Visiting International Instructor at Dickinson for the 2015-2016 academic year. Prof. Dudina is a specialist in Russian as a second language, as well as in Japanese literature and culture. When she is not teaching students about verbs of motion or verbal aspect, she is working on a dissertation that looks at Russian […]


Russian Gaming Night

On Saturday, October 24, Russian Club and Gaming Club came together for a Russian gaming extravaganza. Among the regular gaming club set-up — Super Smash Bros., Jenga, and other video and board games — Russian Club and Gaming Club members alike enjoyed Metro 2033, while mostly Russian Club members went for Russian Scrabble (Ерудит), Tick-Tock Boom (Тик […]


A Day in Russian Day Care

Recently the students studying abroad in Moscow visited a typical day care and interacted with a class of 6-year-olds. The day began with a PowerPoint presentation to teach the children about America. The Russian kids learned about Pennsylvania, the Amish, and Washington D.C. When the pictures of President Putin and President Obama appeared on the […]


Students Meet with Boris Kagarlitsky in Moscow

Last week Dickinson students abroad in Moscow met with Boris Yulyevich Kagarlitsky – a Russian prominent Marxist theoretician, sociologist, editor of Left Politics quarterly, and the director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements in Moscow. Four times a semester, Dickinson students meet with a Russian expert in politics, culture, or history as a […]


Professor DeBlasio to Present Research at UVA

On Thursday, October 8, Prof. DeBlasio will present material from her second book at the University of Virginia. Her talk is called “Generation M: Merab Mamardashvili and Recent Russia Cinema.” She will discuss a group of filmmakers who in the 1970s and 1980s studied under Mamardashvili, popularly known as the “Georgian Socrates” of Soviet philosophy. […]


Russian Open House

On September 26, the Saturday of Homecoming weekend, Russian faculty held the annual Russian Department Open House. Russian students, their families, and campus visitors stopped by to sample traditional Russian snacks and learn more about the Russian program at Dickinson. Students who recently returned from Moscow were available to talk with parents about the Dickinson-in-Moscow […]

Dickinson-in-Moscow spring 2014

“Studying Abroad is an Act of Bravery”: Students Weigh in on their Time in Moscow

During their sophomore year, most Russian students begin thinking about study abroad and whether they should plan for the semester of the year. Is my Russian good enough? Will I miss my friends/my family/my significant other too much? Will life in a foreign country be too difficult for me? How will I fit in my […]

2015-09-15 13.10.11

Russia, the Near Abroad, and the West

On September 15, 2015, Colonel Robert Hamilton visited the Dickinson Russian Department to talk with students about his research on Russia’s foreign policy in the “near abroad”—countries that border Russia and were part of the former Soviet Union. About 45 students and faculty members came together over the lunch hour to discuss the recent conflicts […]