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Critically acclaimed novelist Antonio Soler works with advanced Spanish class

Prof. Mark Aldrich’s Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature class received special instruction from critically acclaimed Spanish novelist Antonio Soler, whose works, along with works from other writers of Spanish literature, were read and studied in class.

The class description states that “in this course students will read a wide range of works from contemporary Spanish literature. We will read comics, literary essays, short stories, and novels. We will study how writers from different parts of the country negotiated the transition from dictatorship to democracy. In addition to attention to experimental works (including hybrid texts that combine the visual and the verbal), the course will give special attention to the work of critically acclaimed novelist Antonio Soler, who will be on-campus for a good part of the semester as a Dickinson Writer-in-Residence.”

Antonio Soler, center, works with students from Prof. Aldrich's Spanish 340 class.
Antonio Soler, center, works with students from Prof. Aldrich’s Spanish 340 class.

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