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  • Spring 24 Tech Tuesdays!

    Spring 24 Tech Tuesdays!

    During the Spring semester, Academic Technology will be hosting Tech Tuesdays. Beginning the 2nd week of the semester, every Tuesday at Noon (excluding faculty meeting days), please come to the computer lab in the Bosler basement to learn about various academic technologies. You can pick and choose which to attend based on your interests. We’ll…

  • Highlights from EDUCAUSE Conference 2023

    Highlights from EDUCAUSE Conference 2023

    I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2023 EDUCAUSE Conference in October. The conference was in Chicago and other than a little rain one evening, the weather was very pleasant. EDUCAUSE is one of the main professional organizations for technology professionals in Higher Education. The community spans across all technology areas such as…

  • Deputy Mayor Landis Speaks at Convocation

    Deputy Mayor Landis Speaks at Convocation

    Our very own Multimedia Specialist, Brenda Landis, is also the Deputy Mayor of Carlisle. She spoke at the 2023 Convocation and did a great job! Brenda is regularly able to find connections between her work at Dickinson and her work for the community. It’s really cool to see and we are so happy to have…