Photograph of presentation

James Baldwin’s Radicalism and the Evolution of His Thoughts on Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Assistant Professor in Africana Studies, Nadia Alahmed, briefed us on her research on “James Baldwin’s Radicalism and the Evolution of His Thought on Palestine/Israeli Conflict” at noon on Thursday, October 31, 2019.   An overflowing group of students and faculty from numerous departments including Middle East Studies (MEST), Africana Studies, International Studies, American Studies, Judaic Studies and International Business and Management attended. (You can see Arabic students Caitlyn Longest and Widad Khokhar with the presenter in the first photo!)

Dr. Alahmed gave a detailed analysis of the evolution in African American views on Palestine and their struggle for independence from the founding of Israel to the present day.  A wide-ranging discussion ensued over pizza and beverages.  Here are some photos of our speaker with MEST coordinator, Professor David Commins, Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Sarah Salah (Egypt), Academic Coordinator Hoda Al-Haddad (Yemen), and Arabic Lecturers: Mohammad Abu Shuleh and I, Magda Siekert.

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