Arabic Club Movie Night: “Molasses”/”عسل إسود”

On Friday, November 8th the Arabic Club and students and faculty of the Arabic Department got together to watch the Egyptian comedy film “Molasses,” or “Assal Eswed” (literally, “black honey”). The film, starring Ahmed Helmy, tells the story of an Egyptian-American who returns to Egypt for the first time in 20 years. He thinks that the transition will be no problem at all, but he soon learns, the hard way, that he lacks street smarts. The result is an amusing story of a man struggling to reconnect with his home country and his family.

Everyone enjoyed the film! Thank you to the Dickinson College Middle East Studies Department for providing pizza for this event.

Special thanks to Sarah Saleh, our Fulbright Teaching Assistant, for choosing this film and planning the event. Shukran habibti!

-Grace I.

Image source: IMDb

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