Arabic Language Table Party حفلة!

The Arabic Language Table (ALT) held its end of semester party on November 29, 2019 with much merriment and Arabic delicacies! The room was literally packed with students from all departments who study Arabic and appreciate Arabic food like stuffed grape leaves (picture perfect, thanks Sarah Saleh), delicious maQlouba (both vegetarian and not, thanks to Mohammad Abu Shuleh), koshari (the best I’ve had in a looong time, thank you Sarah Saleh), baklava with pistachios (mine,  it was well received 🙂 ) and a delicious Egyptian drink Karkadeh (again Sarah!) and Yemeni Qashr (Hoda Al Haddad).   Here are some photos, forgive the photographer as the place was crowded and hard to maneuver 🙂

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