Distance Learning: How to Study Arabic at Home!


Since Dickinson College, like many institutions in the world, has gone online for the rest of the semester, we have compiled a list of resources to help YOU maintain and improve your Arabic during this time of transition.

al-Jazeera Learning Arabic – Includes a variety of free lessons at various skill levels. Includes news articles and videos with comprehension quizzes and other activities.

Dickinson College Norman Eberly Multilingual Writing Center – Schedule appointments as you always have (preferably in advance to ensure preparedness on the technical side!), and access online tutoring through the WCOnline system by clicking on your scheduled appointment a few minutes before the scheduled time.

Ethan – Sunday 6:30-8:30pm

Grace – Sunday 8:30-10:30pm; Monday 8:30-10:30pm

Yasmin – Wednesday 8:30-10:30pm

Madrasa – Online lessons in a variety of subjects, some focusing on just Arabic language. Lessons include videos mostly aimed at children.

Mango Languages – Online language practice that focuses on practicing pronunciation of words and phrases. FusHa/MSA as well as the Lebanese, Iraqi and Egyptian dialects are available. This program can be free if your local library subscribes to the service.

Mixxer – This site was created at Dickinson College! Free language exchanges with native speakers. You create an account, find a person to meet with, and establish a time to talk each week.

NaTakallam – This is a paid service, but it offers structured online lessons or conversational practice with native speakers. There is a structured FusHa/MSA program, or students can connect with native speakers in a variety of dialects.

Quizlet – Search al Kitaab on Quizlet to find vocabulary from the textbook already entered into flashcards. Use the “Write” activity to study words Arabic to English first, THEN study them English to Arabic (so that you are typing the words in Arabic).

More to come soon on summer and job opportunities!

!حظ سعيد لكم

-Grace I.

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