First In-Person AND in-Mask Arabic Club Activity in 2021: Movie Night The Idol (يا طير الطاير)

On September 26, the Arabic Club President Xenia Makosky and its executive committee board members on campus (Noor Al Hamadani, Abi Flores,  Emily Angelucci, Kyle Titchenell,  Macey Mento, and Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Rehab Hussin) hosted a movie and pizza nigh to watch Hany Abu-Assad’s film  The Idol (يا طير الطاير), a wonderful movie released in 2015 that tells the true story of Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf and his journey from Gaza to Egypt to compete on the television show “Arab Idol.”

Many of our Arabic students – and their roommates and friends! – attended and, in their own words, had a wonderful time! Ya salaam 🙂

It was wonderful – MUMTAAZ! – to meet in person after several online Arabic Club activities in Spring 2021 including Trivia Night and Arabic Calligraphy!

If you have not seen the trailer yet, then click the following link to see a preview of the film:

And here are some photos of our evening:


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