Spring 2022 – Activities and Programs

Here are a few things we did in MES in Spring 2022 and photos follow!

Hosted three speakers in person:

  • Sarah Eltantawi, Professor of Modern Islam at Fordham University who met with faculty teaching courses on women and sexuality studies, and on religion. She also spoke to my Public Diplomacy (PD) class on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). She is the author of a book on Sharia in Nigeria, and working on a book on the MB in Egypt.  She spoke to 24 students from many disciplines as well as international students.
  • Sahar Aziz, Professor of Law at Rutgers University. She spoke to my PD class and had lunch with our Arabic students to discuss her book on the Racial Muslim.
  • Robert Hindle who spoke of his experience at the World Bank and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and his projects in Egypt and Yemen.

Also had three speakers virtually:

  • Palestinian-American poet George Abraham who delivered a poetry reading and took questions at the National Arab American Heritage (NAAHM) celebration.
  • US diplomat Robert Ogburn, at the Department of State,  spoke to my class on his work in Asia and Egypt.
  • US diplomat David Mees – currently the Cultural Attaché at the  US Embassy in Berlin spoke of the Embassy’s program for Black History Month and his career trajectory. The Arabic Club hosted several movie nights as well as presentations on the Critical Language Scholarship Program and the Fulbright Program
  1. We hosted a big reception to commemorate NAAHM – very well attended by students, faculty, and staff. We received co-sponsorship from several academic programs and centers on campus.
  2. My colleague Mohammad Abu Shuleh got tenured and promoted to Senior Lecturer, and his proposal for a fall sabbatical was accepted (he will be travelling to Jordan and Morocco).
  3. We co-sponsored two films at the Carlisle theatre: “Adam” and “L’homme qui a perdu sa peau”.
  4. My colleague Mohammad, Rehab Hussin (our FLTA), and myself participated in several virtual conferences on Arabic language and literature and on the feminist movement in the Middle East.
  5. Several Arabic and PD students have received secured highly competitive internships for the summer including in government (in the offices of the governor of NJ and a senator from MA); in scientific research (in MA and in NY); and at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. Some are featured here with their Arabic writing!
  6. Graduating seniors in the Arabic program have landed some amazing jobs in the private sector (e.g. Booz Allen in Washington DC and a private investment firm in Philadelphia); in graduate school (e.g. Georgetown University); environmental projects (one is working with bees!); and medical school.

Several of our former MES graduates and Arabic minors are currently enrolled in/graduating from  graduate programs at Tufts, University of Chicago, University of Maryland (one just completed her law degree there!)


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