The documentary focuses on the struggles of southern Tunisia. The documentary was mainly about the water scarcity, the encroachment of the desert, and the rising water levels in the area. All of these factors are causing Tunisia to struggle economically and socially. Many of the people in the video were struggling with famine and water shortages; and overall just trying to make a living. Another thing the people were struggling with was the diseases introduced by sand flies. Overall these hardships have resulted in the struggles of many Tunisians and caused the once fruitful sectors of Tunisia to digress into extreme deficits.

The documentary compiles many issues that the nation is facing, from lack of rainfall, to rising water levels, and the destruction of farmland by the desert. These issues have led to food and water insecurities, unfortunately these citizens have few solutions an even fewer route to take to alleviate these problems.

I like the film in general, it was interesting and informative. Seeing the struggles of the Tunisian peoples gave more insight into the economic, political, and social aspects of the nations as well as seeing the hard evidence of these issues taking place. It was cool to see the desertification of farms and the rising sea levels as well as the empirical evidence, though it is awful to see those people lose their livelihoods. From an outsider standpoint it was beneficial to see what these people go through on a daily basis; I enjoyed learning more about Tunisia.