Environment and culture differences between us

My work team was diverse, compound of two Americans, a Pakistani, an Indian, and a Peruvian (me). Specifically, we agree that currently we all spend a lot of time connected to our social media and cell phones. In addition, the use of technology makes everyday life much easier, but we are contributing to destroy our planet.
Among the differences, each one commented and we even gave examples of what we understood by kindness in people. Personally, Pennsylvania seems to me a very welcoming city with very friendly people, some agreed, but others, when comparing it with the city where they were born, found Pennsylvania cold and indifferent. Another difference was how we perceive ethics, and how we respond to corruption in the public service of our countries. Everybody had different perspective.  Finally, how pride of our cultural past are we?. For example, Pakistan and India preserve and spread their mother tongue, Urdu and Hindi respectively, while Peru, has been providing school education throughout the country only in Spanish for decades. Therefore, Quechua and Aymara have almost disappeared.