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Converted mansion into retirement home

Converted mansion into retirement home

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Pamphlet for Nursing Home dedication


In Sylvester Sadler’s will, he stated that he wanted the Farmers Trust Company to pay income to the Carlisle Hospital. Later, Horace Sandler followed his brother and set up the “Sadler Foundation” when he made his will (1). He was also on the Board of Trustees for the hospital and also created a trust for the hospital that still funds programs today.

After this legacy of giving, when Thornwald was left empty by the brothers’ passing, it stood as a reminder of the contributions the Sadler family made to Carlisle (1). This made the Reformed Church interested in property and planned to turn it into a nursing home.

In 1953 Homewood purchased the property and found to be overgrown with vines, weeds and shrubs. During Sadler’s final years at the house, he did little to maintain the grounds. After a $25,000 renovation, the house was fit to care for 25 “guests” and also house staff (2).



Schedule for dedication










Brief history and plans for future use

























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Photos: From archives of Cumberland county historical society