We made Bechamel because it is a roux that does not brown like the two others we previously made.

In order to make the Bechamel, we combined butter and flour together which looked like a typical roux. We then added a small amount of hot milk and the mixture instantly congealed. It almost had a scrambled egg like consistency so we continued to stir and gradually add milk to the pan, so that it eventually turned into a smooth sauce. We added the eggs and instantly combined the ingredients. In terms of the taste it was very creamy, and it did not darken but it was much thicker than the other two roux.

Here we can see that the Bechamel did not brown like the other roux did. We would not expect to see browning in this type of roux because this recipe does not require a lot of heat, which would cause the browning reaction. The reasons the roux looked clumpy after adding the milk is likely because of gelation of the starch molecules of the flour and the fat molecules in milk.



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