My personal water use was 1,425 Gallons/Day per the first website compared to the US average of 1,802 Gallons/Day.  and 693.4 m cubed per the second. 
Within my sub-region of focus Israel’s average water usage is 10,126 million gallons per day (18% internal), Lebanon’s 5,858 million gallons per day (27% internal), Jordan’s 6,003 million gallons per day (14% internal), and Syria’s 26,038 million gallons per day (84% internal). Comparatively the US averaged 593,106 million gallons per day (80% internal). 
Given their access to both the Euphrates and Tigris rivers it makes sense that Syria’s water usage is much higher than other states in the Jordan Valley. However, these resources are limited and given the country’s inability to meet water SDGs their ability to continually use water this high is extremely threatened. Yet, the extreme instability in Syria obviously limits sustainability iniatives.
I wonder if given recent de-salination efforts Israel’s internal water usage will rise. However, de-salination poses large threats to marine animals so continued efforts to de-salinate should be hindered.
Lebanon and Jordan’s limited water usage makes sense given their lack of natural water resources. However, Jordan’s ability to become a leader in sustainability in energy in the region may gave them a leg-up to Lebanon in their ability later on to acquire water resources. For example, trade with countries such as the US with high natural water resources for their solar energy resources. Ultimately, limited water resources in the region will likely inhibit the region’s ability to progress economically and strategically.