About Damian Casmiri, Tanzanian Delegate

Video of Mr. Casmiri describing his role at COP-15.

Mr. Damian Casmiri is a Climate Change/Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) expert. He is a Masters graduate in Integrated Water Resources Management at the University of Dar es Salaam. His first degree was Environmental Sciences and Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture. He has been working with Environmental Protection and Management Services on Climate Change mitigation through identifying and developing Clean Development Mechanism projects in Tanzania.
Damian has attended several water and environmental related training. He has attended Climate Change (Science, Impacts and Responses) training at the Imperial College London. He attended workshop on the establishment catchment management agency in, Durbanville, Republic of South Africa. Also has attended training on Capacity Development for Clean Development Mechanism (CD4CDM) organized by UNEP riso centre as well as attending several workshops on CDM.
He has done researches on the effects of recreational activities on coastal pollution and involvement of community and willingness to pay in rural water supply privatization.

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