About Kemen Austin, American Climate Research Assistant

Kemen Austin is a climate research assistant in the People and Ecosystems Program with the World Resource Institute. Her work primarily focuses on quantifying forest changes and associated carbon emissions in Indonesia and the Congo Basin. Kemen holds an MA and a BSc in environmental science from Brown University where her research included measuring terrestrial carbon in the northeast United States and the evaluation of carbon offset projects in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Prior to joining WRI she worked with The Nature Conservancy to quantify forest carbon and carbon changes due to small holder agricultural production in the Adelbert Mountains of Papua New Guinea.

Credit to World Resource Institute.

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About Brett Shollenberger

Brett '350' Shollenberger is a 2011 graduate of Dickinson College. He has recently conducted a review of Dickinson's Climate Action Plan, served as lead author on a climate ethics thesis for the Penn State Rock Ethics Conference and presented at the 2010 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference. You should give him a job! Brett Shollenberger Brett's Blog!
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