About Bruce Hewitson, South African Climatologist

Bruce Hewitson is a self-described climatologist with a hatred of labels, and insists that his interests are eclectic. He has been a resident at the University of Cape Town in Rondebosch, South Africa, since 1992. He currently works with the Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG) research group in the ENGEO department. His research interests include climate modeling, climate change, and interesting analysis methodologies. Extended interests in appropriate technology for Africa and scientific capacity building.

Credit to an autobiographical snippet from the CSAG webpage.

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About Brett Shollenberger

Brett '350' Shollenberger is a 2011 graduate of Dickinson College. He has recently conducted a review of Dickinson's Climate Action Plan, served as lead author on a climate ethics thesis for the Penn State Rock Ethics Conference and presented at the 2010 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference. You should give him a job! Brett Shollenberger Brett's Blog!
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