DNu Alumni Week

The ladies of Delta Nu from around the world returned to campus for Alumni Weekend to celebrate Dickinson and the Delta Nu sisterhood. Sisters from the founding class to current sister all came together to celebrate their bond.

Happy 45th Birthday DNu! LITB
Pledge class ’08
More fabulous alumni!
Founding President Barbara Pim Bailey with two current sisters Maureen and Liv
Our first president Barbara Pim Bailey and Carol Graebner at the Fun Run. They’ve been “Moving and shaking since 1971!”
Sisters look at old pledge paddles and composite photos while celebrating Delta Nu’s 45th birthday



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A letter with updates was recently sent to the Delta Nu Alumnae from Barb Bailey, chair of the DNAAB. If you did not receive a copy, please email us at deltanualumni71@gmail.com and we are happy to send it to you.

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We have launched our DNu octopus t-shirt and orders can be taken till May 6th. This will be done through Booster.com an offshoot of customink.com Here is the link to that booster fundraiser. https://www.booster.com/delta-nu-octopus-t-shirt Closes May 6th!

Sisters and alumni

Delta Nu Alumni Event!

Other news includes our first official DN function on Alumni Weekend, June 10th & 11th!  On Friday night at 9 PM, all DN sisters are invited to a very special 45th birthday celebration!  Registration for Alumni Weekend including our Friday night DN event is now available on the college website.  If you are planning to attend Alumni Weekend, PLEASE sign up for the DN event!  Even if you were not planning to come to Alumni Weekend but want to see old DN friends, come to our very first DN alumnae party!  It will surely be memorable! 


The first Delta Nus.


1972 pledge skit performed in the hub in front of school.

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All money raised will be managed by the Delta Nu Alumnae Advisory Board (DNAAB), a recently formed group of Delta Nu alumnae who have worked hard to advise and support the sisterhood and their officers. The purpose of this fundraiser is to build a DNAAB fund that will help support the active sisters. The proceeds from each t-shirt sold will help build a DNAAB fund that will be used ONLY to help the active sisters. This might include, but not be limited to, funding dues for sisters not able to pay, helping to pay for the insurance coverage required by the college, or helping with other DN expenses.



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Delta Nu Alumnae Advisory Board (DNAAB)

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Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.27.53 PM

The Delta Nu Alumnae Advisory Board (“DNAAB”) was established in 2015 as a permanent Alumnae Advisory Board to help support the student leadership of Delta Nu in various aspects of the organization’s management.  Delta Nu is a local sorority and not affiliated with a national organization, thus DNAAB is providing the guidance, direction and oversight necessary for Delta Nu to continue to grow and contribute as a valuable member of the Dickinson community.   Board members consist of a team of Delta Nu alumnae who train and advise on recruitment, new member education, officer transition and leadership and risk management among other roles and responsibilities.  The current board and committee chairs are comprised of several founding members, former presidents and other former executive officers as well as alumnae representing each decade since its birth in 1971.  DNAAB has regular and frequent participation and interaction with the chapter and also with the Delta Nu on-campus advisor, and meets with College administration at least twice each academic year.  Current DNAAB chair is Barb Pim Bailey, ’73, Delta Nu’s first elected president.


Board Chair – Barb Pim Bailey ’73

Asst Board Chair – Sarah Glenn, ’11

New Member Education Advisor – Lindsey Goodman Iacovino, ’75

Recruitment Advisor – Rachel Pickering, ’00

Officer Operations Advisor – Carol Graebner, ’75

Secretary – Trish Godfrey Swigart, ’75

Academic Advisor – Sandy Smith McGrew, ’73

Finance Advisor – Chris Gehrett Falvello, ’73

Asst Finance Advisor – Marisa Button, ’04

Social and Risk Management Advisor – open

Alumnae Advisory Board Committee Chairs 
Historian – Cheryl Good Smith ‘73

Philanthropy advisor – Sarah Allen Tambussi ‘87

Communications/Alumnae Liaison – Francesca Dea ‘93

Class leads by decade

  1973 – 1979: Patrice Boyce ‘78

  1980 – 1989:  open

  1990 – 1999: Francesca Dea ‘93

  2000 – 2009: Traci Rosen Blank ‘08

  2010 – 2014:   open

If you are a Delta Nu alumnae and would like to learn more about DNAAB, join their email list, or become involved with the board, please email Barb at barbbailey51@gmail.com