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  • Clark Forum Blog Post: War in Ukraine

    Attending this talk about the ongoing war in Ukraine as an undergraduate college student was very beneficial.   Although, there is still news coverage on the war and academic journals being publish on this issue, in my opinion, I sense that the general public seems to have lost sight of how this is an important and […]

  • Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality Reflection

    On April 24th, I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Dr. Lustick about his book Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality.  I found it quite interesting and beneficial that at the beginning of the talk he gave us as he called it “the point of his discussion” right away because he […]

  • SDG Reflection Post

    How do national and international factors interact in empowering some states of the Global South to make more progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals than other states? I believe that the reason why some national and international factors interact in empowering some states more than other’s because some states are at liberty to attempt […]

  • ’57 Chocolate Extra Activity Post

    An African women-owned chocolate company called ’57 Chocolate is named after 1957, the year Ghana gained its freedom. In Accra, Ghana, they use a very special method to turn dry cocoa beans into opulent chocolate and confections. As previously said, the firm name is an acronym for Ghana’s most proud and happy year—its independence from […]

  • Second Blog Prompt: the “others” in our communities – Di Bacco

    Taking the concepts of self and other, think about your community (your home, your college or university, some other community in which you are involved) and consider who belongs and who is an outsider. What group or groups do you experience primarily as plural others, rather than as individuals? How does that affect your perceptions […]

  • International Studies Blog 1 – Di Bacco

    I am very grateful for this experience and to be able to connect with students from across the world.  During the zoom session, I couldn’t help but to be drawn to the map created to show where everyone was originally from. I could not believe the great amount of diversity of where my peers originally […]

  • Hello world!

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