Fashion Research Italy

The Fashion Research Italy (FRI) foundation is based in Bologna, Italy. Its archives, exhibits, and educational programs aim at preserving and protecting the history of Made in Italy, promoting research and training in the manufacturing industry and giving visibility to new talents and trends.  Derrickah Brown and Sean Sanko, two students of the Italian course Dickinson Wears Prada at Dickinson College, worked on FRI as their case study and published an informative, vivid video presentation: “Fashion Research Italy: Sustaining Italian Fashion.” The presentation is accessible also on the link on the Students’ Projects column (on the right).

We are grateful to FRI for generously sharing information and multimedia material. We would like to thank in particular Claudia D’Angelo, Ph.D., Responsabile Archivio at FRI, for her precious interview with Elena Giulia Dall’Acqua, and Chiara Ballo, Addetta alla Comunicazione at FRI for her generous collaboration and the multimedia material.

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