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  • Clark Forum: Paradigm Lost

    By attending the Clark Forum Paradigm Lost, I gained a much better understanding of the history of the land currently contested by Israelis and Palestinians, and the conflict between the two groups. The full historical analysis helped me understand the reasons for the conflict today, and how world events such as World War Two affected […]

  • Factors That Encourage SDG progress

    Prompt: How do national and international factors interact in empowering some states of the Global South to make more progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals than other states? After completing our group project on Sri Lanka and participating in the Zoom meeting I gained better insight into national and international factors that empower states […]

  • Clark Forum: War in Ukraine

    The Clark Forum about Russia’s war in Ukraine introduced information that I would have struggled to understand from the news individually. It was helpful to hear each of the professors’ insights, specifically on international relations and the predictions some of the professors made about the upcoming months. Logistical problems such as training on weapons from […]

  • Impacts of Othering

    Prompt: Taking the concepts of self and other, think about your community (your home, your college or university, some other community in which you are involved) and consider who belongs and who is an outsider. What group or groups do you experience primarily as plural others, rather than as individuals? How does that affect your […]

  • Cultural Comparisons

    “Reflect on the differences between where you grew up or where you live now and where your exchange partners live. Some factors to consider here are the universal and the particular, environment and culture.” When I began the meeting, I had anticipated a discussion into the similarities and differences between the United States and the […]