Reaction paper#2

This time I want to focus on a conversation between Brigid and Spade from chapter 8. From the conversation, I think the real personality of Brigid begins to reveal. The author uses a cluster of similar expression to describe Brigid’s tone and manner such as “She twisted her head around to smile up at him with playful insolence”(page 84), “Mockery rippled in a smile on her face” and “she smiled impudently”. All these sentences indicate her lively side instead of being a demure lady. Maybe that’s because she’s getting more and more familiar with Spade therefore she can unfold herself without reservation before his eyes. As the case develops, the relationship between Spade and Brigid becomes even more complicated: they have also become intimate in private life beyond simple detective-client mode. On page 87, Spade pointed out her fear towards Cairo: “’I can understand your being afraid of Cairo,’ Spade said. ‘ He’s out of your reach.’ ‘And you aren’t?’ ’ Not that way,’ he said and grinned.” The ambiguous respond from Spade disturbs Brigid’s mind therefore “She blushed.” And that’s the sentence that triggers Brigid to tell Spade more information about the falcon putting aside the authenticity of what she provides. His remark is a statement that says “I am within your reach” from another way to interpret, which makes a commitment to Brigid ensuring her to rely on him with a sense of security. This dialogue also implies further development of their relationship (mostly physically) which can be confirmed in the following passage. Although Spade seems to be more amiable to Brigid than usual, he still prevails in the confrontation with her. Spade is quite “unpredictable” to her (“’You’re altogether unpredictable, ‘she murmured. “Page 84.) and Spade also acknowledges this point.(“Yes, and wild and unpredictable.” Page86.) He responded to this comment with witticism: “My way of learning is to heave a wild and unpredictable monkey-wrench into the machinery. It’s all right with me, if you’re sure none of the flying pieces will hurt you.”, a reply exactly demonstrating his unpredictability. Compared with Brigid, Spade always acted as nonchalant and flippant. Like “For several minute they ate in silence, he phlegmatically, she thoughtfully. “and “His voice was good-humored.” while she being “her gaiety vanished’ and “Spade studied her anxious face”. The contrast between attitude of Spade and that of Brigid creates a dramatic contradictory. Besides, the author uses lots of strong words to highlight Spade’s masculinity such as “domineering stare”, “squinted”, “scowled” and “demanded”. This chapter helps build Spade’s frivolous as well as tough image, by revealing how Brigid surrenders to Spade’s machismo, and it is a key point for their relationship since their affinity has burgeoned.