Fall 2019 In Review

Fall 2019 was another busy semester for German-inspired and -organized events across campus. Here are some highlights:

Thanks to a very active German Club, students were able to enjoy two traditions: Oktoberfest and Nikolausabend. Many also gathered to attend a screening of Jojo Rabbit at the Carlisle Theater.

Students had the opportunity to hear two excellent lectures this semester by Prof. Linda Henderson (University of Texas, Austin) and Prof. Gabriel Finder (University of Virginia). The talks made students and faculty contemplate the relationship between science and art and discuss the limits of humor that refers to the Holocaust.

This fall’s Film Series was a part of Prof. Pfannkuchen’s course on German film and social activism and included Das Kaninchen bin ich (1965), Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum (1975), Das schreckliche Mädchen (1990), and Einer trage des anderen Last (1988).

Many thanks to all of the organizers for their hard work hosting and to wonderful students who help make our events so enjoyable!

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