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Gartenfest 2021 | Spring Awards

On Wednesday, April 14, 2020 the German Department had our second Digital Gartenfest to celebrate the outstanding work of our students. The German faculty were honored to award a number of awards and prizes to majors and proudly recommended the entire graduating class of majors and minors for induction into the German honor society Delta Phi Alpha, Chapter Gamma Beta. This year we were able to be joined by Prof. Janine Ludwig, Academic Program Director of the Bremen program.

Below is a complete list of the students who received awards and scholarships including certificates of excellence and those inducted into Delta Phi Alpha. Descriptions of the prizes and Delta Phi Alpha can be found on our Student Recognition page. Congratulations to all on their excellent work in German!

We continue to celebrate our graduating seniors and look forward to seeing their recognition ceremonies and celebrating in person and virtually!

Thanks to Lisa Orris for all of her help honoring our great students.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
Dr. Kamaal Haque, Ann Hudson, Dr. Janine Ludwig, Dr. Sarah McGaughey und Dr. Antje Pfannkuchen


Senior prizes
Heinrich Böll Prize 
Amelia Deering

Marion Dexter Learned Prize
Liam Pauli

Wieland Endowed Prize
May Ding

Sophomore prize
Liselotte von Usedom Beach Prize
Dzejlana Mehmedovic

Delta Phi Alpha 
Amelia Deering
May Ding
Laura McNevin
Liam Pauli

Becca Kearns
Madison Littlepage
Zoey Tu

Certificates of Excellence
Fall 2020

Toby Kleinman | GRMN 101-01 (Hudson)  
Riley Martin | GRMN 101-02 (Hudson)
Noelle Bennese | GRMN 102 (Hudson)
Kathryn Baker | GRMN 201-01 (McGaughey)
Sydney Nguyen | GRMN 201-02 (McGaughey)
Ariana Goitz | GRMN 202 (Haque)
Olivia Brettschneider | GRMN 213 (Haque)
Becca Kearns | GRMN 300 (McGaughey)  

Spring 2021

Victoria Kaye | GRMN 101 (Hudson)
Elizabeth Roy | GRMN 102-01  (Hudson)
Drew Haueisen | GRMN 102-02 (Hudson)
Josie Rodriguez | GRMN 201 (McGaughey)
Lisa Pallis | GRMN 202 (Haque)
Evan Bates | GRMN 251-01 (McGaughey)
Nick Rickert | GRMN 251-02 (Ludwig)
Caitlin Laruitzen | GRMN 350 (Wlodarski)
Madison Littlepage | GRMN 400 (Haque)

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