Peter Philips (’22) Receives 2022-23 CBYX Fellowship


Peter Philips (’22) will be heading back to Germany next year as a part of the 2022-2023 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) cohort. The fellowship for young professionals is funded by the US Department of State and the German Bundestag and sends 75 US Americans a year to act as cultural ambassadors in academic institutions, workplaces, and community spaces. Open to all US citizens with a high school diploma between the ages of 18 and 24, the program promotes a diverse group of young people access to cultural exchange and professional experience.

Peter will spend a year in Germany as a part of his pursuit of a career in the historical preservation of architecture. He will complete an internship and pursue his academic interests, while engaging in cultural exchange.  He attributes the success of his application to a combination of strengths, including his past internships, his major in art history, and his German-language skills. He notes, “my extensive knowledge of German showcases my ability to already effectively engage in cultural exchange with Germans”. Peter also has additional helpful experience in other foreign languages, having taken Japanese at Dickinson and spending time abroad in Dickinson’s study aboard program at Akita International University in Kyoto, Japan before spending time in Bremen in early 2020.

For more information about Peter’s application and his comments on how to apply, see his contribution to the Dickinson-in-Bremen blog.

For more on the fellowship, visit CBYX for Young Professionals

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