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  • Soft Power

    Soft power is just power or influence that you can have on someone or something without using physical force. If you’ve ever listened to Twice or watched Naruto then a country has influenced you in some way through soft power. If you are an American I can pretty safely assume that you haven’t listened to,…

  • “the others” of Baltimore City

    Growing up in Charm City it’s very easy to have a mentality of us vs them, through listening to the news talk about crime and poverty and then immediately seeing it as you walk outside or hearing it in the form of commonly: sirens and almost never: (in my area) gunshots as you fall asleep. …

  • Baltimore vs Carlisle

    Life in Baltimore Maryland where I was born and raised is very different from Carlisle in that Carlisle is smaller and more peaceful it’s very walkable and it is easy to walk around town and go to local restaurants if you want. Baltimore on the other hand is not peaceful at all and if you…

  • Greetings From Johnston Atoll

  • Hello world!

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