“the others” of Baltimore City

Growing up in Charm City it’s very easy to have a mentality of us vs them, through listening to the news talk about crime and poverty and then immediately seeing it as you walk outside or hearing it in the form of commonly: sirens and almost never: (in my area) gunshots as you fall asleep.  Although even though I’m not exposed to crime I’m sure there’s a reason why we rank so high on national homicide rates and earn the delightful nickname “harm city”.  Despite Baltimore being known for its large population of African-American people, it can probably be really easy to develop a mentality that they are “others”. Coming either from it being taught in an inherently racist household, or hearing people on the news talking about these “others” and how “the crime is higher in predominantly black neighborhoods” and other stuff like that it could be easy to influence a kid’s mind.






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