History 117, “US History To 1877,” with Professor Matthew Pinsker, meets at Dickinson College during fall semester 2021 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9AM in Denny 211.  Course texts include Gordon Wood’s Revolutionary Characters (2006) and Louis Masur’s The Civil War (2011), plus an innovative online textbook called American Yawp, as well as numerous articles by leading scholars such as David Blight, Cornelia Dayton, Joanne Freeman, and Laurel Ulrich.  In addition, students in History 117 will explore a variety of online resources created by fellow Dickinsonians (including both faculty and students) as part of the offerings from the House Divided Project.   As part of their course work, students will write two research essays (on the revolutionary and antebellum eras) and will create one multi-media close reading project on a key document from the Civil War and Reconstruction period.

Banner image credit:  1865 Lithograph adapted from Thomas Nast 1863 illustration for Harper’s Weekly magazine.  For more information on this early example of “photoshopping,” visit the House Divided Project’s Emancipation Digital classroom.


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