Social Media


Try live-tweeting the House Divided anniversary conference on Reconstruction and then incorporate some of those tweets along with a few other links and resources into a short Storify essay.  Then you will embed this Storify into a blog post at our course website.


For this assignment, you will have to set up accounts in both Twitter and Storify.  They are free and you can certainly delete them after the semester if you don’t want to continue with either effort.

Tech Recommendations

  • Make sure to follow @House_Divided on Twitter and pay special attention to our tweets marked with hashtags #reconstruction150
  • And here’s some good advice on live-tweeting from Inside Higher Ed.
  • For help with getting a better handle on how to use Storify, check out our video tutorial below and review this House Divided Storify on a recent academic debate over slavery and the Constitution. But if you want to see a really good example of how to combine live-tweeting with Storify in an effective way for covering a historical conference, look carefully at this recent example from the University of Virginia and their coverage of a 2016 panel session at the National History Center (NHC).