Map Room

Revolutionary War

This map, “American Revolution,” exists on Google Maps and owes its greatest debt to Gordon Wood’s The American Revolution (2002), but also incorporates a host of online resources from Dickinson College and elsewhere.

Civil War


Click on menu (upper left) for a chronological listing of place marks arranged in five layers (Origins, 1861, 1862, 1863, and “1864 and Beyond”) in order to find coverage of the period roughly from 1787-1877 with a concentration on the war itself.  There are two types of place marks:  blue-and-gold markers indicating political or social events, and red “explosion” symbols, indicating violent or military events.  Each placemark contains a gallery of images or embedded videos, with short snippets of text from Louis Masur’s The Civil War:  A Concise History (Oxford, 2011), followed by links to the full text of related primary sources.  In some cases, there are also links to relevant secondary or digital resources.