The politics of the countries within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) have been tightly held down through authoritarian rule. Saudi Arabia, for example, has been under the rule of the House of Saud, the ruling royal family. This royal family been an influence the state for several hundred years. If Saudi Arabia were to fall into a period of radical uncertainty, where the government had fallen, there would be many issues with media, particularly print media, making it difficult to find reliable media sources.

The Saudi Arabia Government currently has a heavy hand on print media, particularly newspapers. While many of these mass media sources are privately owned, they are paid and influenced by the government. If the Saudi Arabia government were to fall, these private media sources would open into a wide range of government criticisms, and publish articles of great controversy against the state. However, as they would no longer be heavily subsidized by the government, there would be an increase in pressure to sell more newspapers, which would likely turn articles towards sensationalism.

In order to find less sensationalized media (seen in the theoretical mass media), and looking toward informational media, the answer appears to lie in what would be the theoretical social media of Saudi Arabia-post-government-fall. While this media may be more biased, it would be more focused on real events than sensationalized media. Additionally, as governments fall, there tends to be a larger quantity of political parties which attempt to gain power quickly. Several large mass media outlets would not be able to fairly report on all of the different political “options”, while social media can.

Presently, Saudi Arabia “permits no independent media” according to Reporters Without Boarders. However, it is important to mention Al Jazeera’s presence within Saudi Arabia. Al Jazeera is presently reporting Saudi Arabia news, and would likely continue in the event of a Saudi Arabia government collapse. Al Jazeera’s presence would explode during a time of unrest, as it allows for multiple different voices, perspectives, and opinions.

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